Pineapple Textile

Shoe design, particularly for women, has been the obsession of the top craftsmen worldwide with style rather than comfort often the primary objective and with animal skins/leather being the basic component.   Now One-Step Loafers, designed to fill the comfort and style void for people on the go, combines design, technology and a new super strong plant fiber, Pinatex, to fashion the  most attractive, durable and comfortable shoe for all casual occasions, from the beach to office to school & home.


Pinatex is an innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile made from pineapple leave fibers .  After seven years of research & development, commencing in the Philippines and then in Spain and the United Kingdom, One-Step Loafers, using Pinatex, rather than animal fibers or plastics as its primary component, are being introduced as the most stylish and durable 'cross-over' shoe that will appeal to everyone.


One-Step Loafers, made from natural, strong pineapple leaf fibers, have been designed and constructed for women and men to provide maximum comfort & support in a complete range of sizes that will appeal to everyone's appetite for a stylish, versatile, and durable shoe for all casual occasions.